Friday, 26 July 2013

Cypress Carpet

We've been putting on our garden moth light at night whilst the weather has been so good. Being casual 'mothers' we soon get overwhelmed by the number of species we see. This one took my eye, as it wasn't familiar to me, and I'm thinking perhaps it's a Cypress Carpet?

Last days for the White Admiral

Walking the trails of Orlestone forest over the last few weeks and it's been easy to see the very splendid White Admiral butterfly shimmering through the woodland glades, and as in summers past we have one taking 'respite' in the garden. Feeding on the very late bramble blossom in the morning, our Butterfly guards a 20 foot glade of shade in Sallow trees. It's been quite restless chasing away Meadow Browns, Green-veined Whites and Comma butterflies. In flight it's untroubled by it's worn and torn wings so clearly visible in the photographs, so for now there's life in the old Admiral yet!