Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Partridge update

Getting ever bolder, our five Red-legged Partridges continue to waddle down the garden to our patio for a corn supper most nights. They always arrive at dusk and the light is never particularly good so an average head portrait for the time being will suffice.

Green Woodpecker

This Green Woodpecker is never far away, usually feeding in the pasture behind the garden. It's said they have a great memory for Ant nests and will faithfully return to this one on our lawn throughout the year. Picture is taken through double glazing.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Heavy January rain

The last week has seen a great deal of rain falling heavily at night. So we are quite suprised to see the water wonderland that has built up at the bottom of the garden and the field behind.We see the field flood like this perhaps once every five years.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers now drumming

Such is its power and loudness I'd be surprised if any of our neighbours had not heard our local Great Spotted woodpecker drumming recently. In fact we first heard our Woodpecker drumming on December 23rd. There are many other national reports of Woodpeckers 'drumming' at the end of 08 too. Its difficult to say why this is occuring, GS Woodpeckers are increasing in number nationally and extra 'drumming' maybe a response to the closeness of different bird territories. I think it's fair to say that a good 'drummer' will be more successful at keeping 'invading' woodpeckers away. Image shown was taken in o7 with KM5d.

Red-legged Partridges - our new pets?

Since December, five Red-Legged Partridges have gathered on our garden deck for a pre-roost ramble around our lawn before eventually roosting on the roof of our neighbours bungalow. The birds appear quite tame and we now put corn out for them to feed close to our patio window everynight.
Occcasionally they seem to dissappear sparking fears amongst us that have been shot (as their breeders intended) but then as if by magic, they reappear again for a pre-roost feast.

The five Red-legged Partridges are the first Partridges recorded in our garden in over 10 years. Co-incidententialy we have also seen many Pheasants visiting and escaping 'the pot' in our garden and the field beyond.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Icy January start draws in the birds

A cold start to the year meant plenty of garden visitors especially as we put out corn for our local Yellowhammers and finch flock. Highest count for the Yellowhammers so far has been 15 birds. This seems to be approximately the same number as the last 6-7 years. Unusual birds ground feeding daily are Pheasants and a flock of 5 Red-legged Partridges, the latter has now been with us for over a month.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year at Dungeness

We have experienced some high pressure and very cold weather for the (SE.) recently. This has seen temps dropping to a rare and keen -6.5 degrees. On the coast at Dungeness there has been an influx of Bittern and winter ducks such as Smew, and Grebes. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the more commoner birds at Dungeness. These include Kitiwake, Turnstone, Kestrel all easy to catch up with by the fishing boats at the Dungeness Point.