Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Honey Buzzard over Bromley Green environs

Honey Buzzards are like buses, you wait for years for one and then surprise, four turn up at once. On the same day as I watched two Honey Buzzards over the garden in Shadoxhurst another two Honeys were being watched just 3 miles away over mixed countryside north of Bromley Green.

Fortunately for diligent patcher and finder Bob P. they remained in the area for a few days before only this female bird with some tail moult remained. We believe the second Bromley Green bird wasn't a bird I'd seen earlier as Bob had noticed a heavy wing moult not present in the Shadoxhurst birds. These pics were taken on the last day it was seen, September 3rd. By now the bird may well have traveled through France across the Pyrenes and crossed the Mediterranean to Libya, ready to move south of the Sahara to winter in sub-tropical Africa.