Sunday, 3 January 2016

Route to nowhere - the farce of the Duck Lane Coldblow byway

A group of 6 vehicles illegally driving through the byway January 2nd 2016

In the distance, a dog walker returns back on his route unable to walk on the byway
In Orlestone forest, the byway running from Duck Lane to Cold Blow, is now no more than an off - roaders' play thing - an adventure mud track now rendered impassable to everyone else.

Today, despite the byway being legally closed Oct-April, convoys of cars with fun loving passengers waving, drive through the by-way shamelessly, whilst ramblers, dog walkers and horse riders have no choice but to return back home. It would seem that Ashford Borough Council have lost the 'will' to close the route in the winter months and with a lack of policing, there is no enforcement of the byway laws. Judging by the large numbers of vehicles driving down the by-way across the festive season, word has spread that the route is 'open to use'.

Consequently, the legal majority can no longer walk, ride or visit in safety, whilst the illegal minority have the byway to play and ruin to themselves. Lawlessness doesn't have to continue, below is a link to how Derbyshire police stopped a similair problem in the Derbyshire Dales.