Sunday, 25 January 2009

Red-legged Partridges - our new pets?

Since December, five Red-Legged Partridges have gathered on our garden deck for a pre-roost ramble around our lawn before eventually roosting on the roof of our neighbours bungalow. The birds appear quite tame and we now put corn out for them to feed close to our patio window everynight.
Occcasionally they seem to dissappear sparking fears amongst us that have been shot (as their breeders intended) but then as if by magic, they reappear again for a pre-roost feast.

The five Red-legged Partridges are the first Partridges recorded in our garden in over 10 years. Co-incidententialy we have also seen many Pheasants visiting and escaping 'the pot' in our garden and the field beyond.

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