Thursday, 28 May 2009


I'm at a loss to explain this. My village is bordered by 30 acres of grassland owned by the Kent Scout Association. As an assistant to the Shadoxhurst cub scout pack we regularly rambled in these fields. On an earlier visit this spring, we were able to show our Cubs scouts, Skylarks and Green Woodpeckers and listen to the song of Nightingales and Cuckoo in the surrounding scrub. The grassland was spectacular for wildflowers and summer butterflies - but not anymore. Because as far as I can see, the whole 30 acres have been sprayed with weedkiller or rather grass killer. This has been carried out as far as I can see in the last week, showing a total disregard for wildlife and ground nesting birds in particular.

I intend to find out if a wildlife crime has been carried out here, and to have an explanation as to why this spraying has been carried. What is depressing about this situation is the fact that the Scout association have allowed this to happen on their land showing total disregard for their local scout group destroying (for this year at least) a valuable asset to our children.

Rather ironically, we had considered camping here this year but that is now out of the question, I will update this post as soon as I have an explanation.

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