Sunday, 19 July 2009

Wood Pigeons - 10 days on

Strong winds, and frequent showers have failed to move our young Wood pigeons from the ramshackle nest in the apple tree. The two chicks are nearly fledged now, they're too big to both fit on the nest so one bird has moved to a branch to the side. Wood pigeons are very common garden birds these days - despite making seemingly poor exposed nests to both the weather and predators so we're pleased these birds are doing so well!

At some stage I think I need a better description /illustration of the garden layout, but for now, here's a pigeons view from the Apple tree of the largest of two ponds. You can see its surrounded by Hemp Agrimony, Purple Loosestrife, Meadowsweet and Willow herbs and they've attracted good numbers of our commoner butterflies and hover flies recently. Of interest today, we had a large Brown Hawker Dragonfly visiting the garden. This is the first one we've seen for a few years.

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