Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Windows shaking, floors vibrating - its a Chinook

RAF Chinook low flight passes are quite common over Shadoxhurst. There's always plenty of warning before they fly over the garden, as their blades generate an enormous amount of noise and wall-shaking vibration from many miles away - it's a dramatic experience! The pilots, I feel, are unquestionably brave; these flights are often at night, and I can understand why they need to fly so low - as the view shown, whilst close, is over in a very brief second. This pic was taken at a modest 300 mm and the Chinook crossed straight over the garden. Sat underneath the Chinook flight path, we are sadly reminded (if ever it was needed), that the majority of these RAF machines are operating thousands of miles away in Afghanistan fighting in a real war. And a war probably without an end it sight.

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Wilma said...

Wow - what a monster that Chinook is.