Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pale Tussock caterpillar

Found whilst walking in nearby woods, by eldest son George,we brought it home to photograph and later release. A fairly common Moth around here in the summer, I've found caterpillars in the garden in Autumns past. It's hairy, beautiful and preposterous at all times. Tussock moth caterpillar hairs can leave a rash, so if you find a hairy caterpillar be careful with your hands. It's a brisk mover so photographs are quite tricky too. Wanting to escape at all times, my conscience soon said let the little critter get on its way, even though I think I had some better pics to take. At some stage I must update this post with an adult Moth; they, too, are delicate and hairy looking things.


Wilma said...

Great close-up of its foot gear. The color and hairs are so delicate,

Clare Gillatt said...

He's a lovely little creature - well done to George for finding it.