Friday, 19 March 2010

Small Brindled Beauty

I thought it might be interesting to try the Moth trap in early spring this year -something I've not tried before. Under a misty overcast sky and very mild temperatures to the constant sound of Redwings migrating through, I recorded this interesting moth. Originally, I thought this was a Brindled beauty, but checking my field guides carefully, I beIieve this to be the smaller and similar Small Brindled Beauty. It has a metallic brass sheen to its wings which vaguely recalls the Burnished Brass recorded elsewhere on my blog. I think my images could have been better as it looked a prettier Moth in the hand. Still, there's plenty of nights ahead to practice.


Wilma said...

The head-on view shows off its lovely antennae, Nick.


Clare Gillatt said...

Like your new template - when are you going to do me a map?