Wednesday, 21 April 2010

'Pot Hole Ted' the Shadoxhurst plumber

Special thanks must be given to 'Pot Hole Ted' for repairing our watermains leak. In the last week Ted has gone from being the most famous person in Shadoxhurst to a national hero for a day.

'Pot Hole Ted', as he's now called, made national news when he made and displayed a triangular warning sign saying 'Pot holes.' Ted made the sign in an attempt to warn motorists and cyclists of the post-winter pot holes that lie in their dozens on the Shadoxhurst roads. Sadly, despite his apparent goodwill, a neighbour reported him to the community police officer, who then went on to 'advise' Ted to take his sign down on the grounds that it was distracting motorists. Anyone who has attempted to drive through Shadoxhurst throughout the winter will have understood the craziness of this request.

Ted's story, first featured in the local Ashford press, but was quickly followed with interviews with the BBC and the national newspapers.

It's interesting to consider how many other countries would ask one of its citizens to remove a home-made sign that simply warned of an impending and potentially lethal danger ?

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