Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn Hawker dragonflies

Male Southern Hawker patrolling over the pond

Whilst our summer Damselfly season ended nearly 6 weeks ago, the two large 'common' Hawker dragonflies are still visiting the garden and will continue to until the first frosts arrive. The male Southern Hawker is patrolling singularly, and feeding over the pond in quite poor weather; although importantly, the temperatures are still quite warm. The slightly smaller Migrant Hawker, pictured, was resting and sunning itself on Rose hips on what was a lovely autumn day. The Migrant Hawker is still numerous, feeding in loose groups in the glade of the garden. The macro pictures below show that the tattiness on the wings isn't just wear and tear, but also seems to be from with dried flower and plant debris (probably Hemp Agrimony) where this species will have been hunting.

Pictures below are the Migrant Hawker

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