Saturday, 21 May 2011

Golden Oriole singing - first record Shadoxhurst.

Another early morning slow-paced ramble through the woods south of Shadoxhurst brought my first record of a singing Golden Oriole today. Like the Wood warbler two weeks ago, patience, (which, generally I have none of), was key. Having been cycling and walking since 5.45am, the bird was heard singing for just a 5 minute spell at around 7.00am. I could not view the bird at all, - just about take in, that I was hearing the beautiful flute-like song of a very rare visitor.

Other birds present include, 5 Bullfinches, 2 Cuckoo, Long tailed Tit, Garden Warbler, and Nightingale, all still in 'song' and faithfully occupying territories for a month now. Also a Lesser Whitethroat is singing from the wasteground by the old Car Garage and a pair of Spotted flycatchers are present at the top of Duck Lane.

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Clare Gillatt said...

Hey this is getting a bit too regular now, you finding better birds than us but when are we going to see Sparky on the blog?