Sunday, 3 June 2012

Around the Village, in the garden, through woods..

Woodchurch Road, Shadoxhurst
In fields neighbouring Shadoxhurst there has been a lot of Flax (Linseed oil) grown this year. The blue-flowered Flax looked at its best during May - the flowers have just about gone now.  Perhaps, just because of its more subtle colour, it has a more pleasing effect on the landscape than the fields of oil seed rape that neighbour us.

A few notes from the garden and pictures taken in-between the bank holiday rain showers. The Red-tailed Bumble Bees are visiting the last of the season Water Avens. Before I forget; in the garden pond we have discovered a female adult Great Crested Newt, the first one for at least 5 years.

Red-tailed Bumble Bee and Water Avens
In the paddock behind the garden - there's the occasional horse rivalry going on.

Out in Orlestone Forest again, and when the sun shines the occasional Grizzled Skipper can be seen.

Grizzled Skipper, Orlestone Forest.
 ... and on a big cycle ride around Orlestone forest today we found this magnificent 'Chicken in the Woods' fungus fruiting on an oak tree.

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