Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More Shadoxhurst Waxwings

 Having put my neighbours in the village on 'Waxwing alert', it wasn't long before my friend Geoff, a resident in the next street, reported back to me that he'd had twelve Waxwings strip his Rowan tree of berries on Sunday. Geoff sent me a couple of pictures and is very excited that his 2 year old Rowan tree has provided such entertainment. Thanks for the pics Geoff!

In 20 years of living in Kent, I cannot remember a winter where Waxwings are turning up just about everywhere in our southern side of Kent.


Clare Gillatt said...
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Clare Gillatt said...

A lovely photo! make the most of the Waxwings ours are nothing but a distant memory now - they swoop in eat all your berries and then swan off somewhere else!