Friday, 13 September 2013

A lazy Dungeness evening

Adult Sandwich Tern
 Last Thursday evening and the weather had swung warm and humid from a distinctly cool autumnal feel just the day before. Down at Dungeness the sun came out for a couple of hours too, - a little touch of summer had returned.

Despite it being high tide there was just one fishermen and no birdwatchers. Along the tide line, a passing flock of Common and Sandwich Terns went back and forth fishing, later settling to roost on the beach at dusk.

Out to sea, a pod of Porpoise bobbed up and down between the waves and further out still, two Arctic Squas chased distant Terns for their catch. With the air still feeling warm at seven 'o' clock and the low sun spreading a golden light across the point, I was reminded why Dungeness is so special and how I wished I was there more often.

Juvenile Common Tern

A selection of Sandwich Terns

Sandwich Terns ready to roost by the Fishing boats

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