Monday, 7 September 2015

Rob Davis - a magnificent man in his flying machine

Rob Davis in his Spitfire Sunday evening.
For 20 years of living in Shadoxhurst, Rob Davis has entertained and thrilled us with his 'War Birds' in the skies, most famously with his P45 Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll' and, until this morning, flying a two-seater Spitfire.

Last night in the beautiful evening sun I photographed Rob having some fun in the clear skies over the Shadoxhurst countryside. He made several flights criss-crossing above the garden before coming into land at his airstrip just a mile or two away. It seemed a perfect way to end the day and who could have imagined what might have happened on the next day. For today, Rob has made an emergency landing when his Spitfire's engine stalled. I'm very relieved to read that Rob is unharmed despite some extensive damage to the plane. This come just several years after Rob survived a mid- air collision when his Mustang, 'Big Beautiful Doll', was clipped out of control at Duxford Airshow where he parachuted to safety just a few hundred feet from the ground.

Watching Rob's masterful skill flying War Birds, I've always had the feeling of the great discipline and skill he has, it's no surprise that he landed his crippled Spitfire in seconds and in safety.

In Kent, Rob is very well known not just for his plane displays, but also his generosity and big heart.  For decades he hosted air shows, and now vintage Steam Rallies, from his farm near Woodchurch. Many many people will tonight be relieved that, once again, he's not only survived, but walked away unscathed from what could have been another vintage plane tragedy. Happily though, the great man lives on to tell the tale and hopefully fly again.

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