Thursday, 18 June 2009

Take a shine to the Burnished Brass

Here's a common moth that can't fail to impress the Burnished Brass. How can something so beautiful and extraordinary looking be seen by so few? Well that's Moths for you! The Burnished Brass moth has to be my favorite garden moth. For starters, they'll sit on your finger without a care in the world like a cat on your lap. Secondly, they're cute - and they know it! Burnished Brass just like the name says, has a gorgeous brass sheen in large patches on their forewings, a 'cuddly' teddy bear face and 'designer' curves and angles that could have come from a Michelangelo sketch book. Apparently if you don't see them in spring and summer, do not be disappointed, because a second brood is on the wing in September. Long live the Burnished Brass in our `Shadoxhurst garden!

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Clare Gillatt said...

What a fantastic photo - especially when enlarged - like your new header to