Monday, 1 June 2009

Great spotted Woodpecker - beauty in death

Sadly, today we found a dead young woodpecker on roof tiles below our bedroom window. It had collided into the window possibly because it could see through to the other side of the house through another window at the front of the room. I feel a little guilty about this as there's something really bad when one feels directly related to an animal's death no matter how tenuous the link.

On a happier side, I've found two GS woodpecker nests close by in Shadoxhurst in the last week both with fledglings calling, so there's going to be plenty of woodpeckers around. I also found a Chaffinch nest with chicks in this morning to. It's in a triangle of finches nests (Goldfinch and Greenfinch) all within twenty feet of each other. To ease the guilt I'm feeling I can tell you that these nests are only there because we have allowed the Ivy and Dog Rose to grow tall and wild, creating the nesting conditions they need.

The moon high in the south tonight

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