Friday, 21 May 2010

Mystery fly and Damsel fly

Smouldering summer like temperatures and weather have arrived after weeks of chilling North East winds. Our spring which always felt as cold as winter, has suddenly turned to summer - (for now)! Under mostly blue skies at the top of our Blackthorn trees, a small swarm of weak flying black flies (15 mm long) with shiny irridescent wings and long black antennae 40- 50 mm have danced, basked and displayed together. They have in fact slowly moved from tree to tree down the garden boundary with the paddock (following the sun). They remind me a little bit of the Solomon Seal Sawfly or St Marks fly, but then close observation shows them to be more like a Dancer fly. They are structurally different though and as yet I can't put a common name to them. Their attention has not gone unnoticed by others with big eyes around the garden to - see below!

The flies seem to dance around each other and also flick their wings in display too. But the warm sun has also brought a rush of adult Large Red Damsel flies to the garden and pond margins too - and as you can see a dancing delicate fly doesn't always just attract a mate!

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