Monday, 17 May 2010

Resting Orange Tip Butterfly

The first Orange-tip butterfly in spring is to me as joyous an event as the first Cuckoo call of the year. They seem to be perpetually restless, never really wishing to rest, and when that you see the orange tips flash by i an instant, its such a beautiful sight. This I think is the first time I've found one that was resting with its wings folded up and showing its designer camouflage.

I took this picture some weeks ago, and thought it would be good to take a few more of the same species over the early spring period. Sadly, a wretched cold wind for most of the spring, put an early end to the flying season of this delicate butterfly. Orange Tip butterflies appear to have a short flying season and I fear they may have had a rather poor season this year.

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