Monday, 12 March 2012

Raven at Birchett Woods

Raven calling over Birchett woods - what a sound!

Having spent a Sunday morning, visiting Blindgrooms (off Hornash Lane), Sugarloaf Plantation and Fags Wood trails (on Saturday too), I thought I 'd have nothing of note to report. But then I thought I'd just make one last call to Birchett woods, and - a what relief - a splendid Raven. As much interested in me, as me in him, the bird circled above long enough to take a few snaps.

Ravens are no doubt following their arch-enemy, the Buzzard to new lowland habitats. This bird represents my third Raven sighting in 2 years - nothing at all before that.

The target bird for my weekend had been Lesser spotted woodpecker in areas I hadn't looked before, sadly nothing new to report - yet! One visit is never enough though!

On the Buzzard front, birds are giving superb views above Orlestone forest, and also in neighbouring woods in the Shadoxhurst area too.

Note - Ravens at Beachy Head

Ravens are not known as being much of a migrant, and birds on the move are a rare sight. So an unprecedented 17 Ravens were seen passing Beachy head this same day. Could our bird have been one of those? Link to Beachy Head

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Clare Gillatt said...

Nice one! you are sure you didn't take that on your recent visit to Wales!