Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Red kite over Shadoxhurst

Common Buzzard and Red Kite high over Shadoxhurst
The warmest day yet  - no wind, plus a blue misty sky. Surely there's something to see out there? So a quick walk down the garden at mid-day, looking ridiculously high to the south, left me finding these two dueling together.

The Buzzard was a local breeding bird, which soon saw the Kite move-on, before returning back to its own woodland territory.

The Kite is just my second village sighting, (having missed out on a long stayer last year) and the first bird was seen just back in 2010. It will be interesting to see if any of us see this bird sticking around over Orlestone. Looking very carefully at the images, I think we can see that this Kite has two tags, possible yellow in colour - suggesting a Southern England released bird.

Back to work now!


Clare Gillatt said...

hmmm green with envy!

Neil Burt said...

Hi Nick, saw a Red Kite gliding high between Appledore and Woodchurch yesterday. Fantastic birds and a great spot.

Marc Heath said...

Nice shots of my favourite bird. I was very lucky a few weeks ago to see 6 in one day including 5 together at Reculver.