Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nightingales at every road side pull-in!

In pouring rain and gusty winds this morning, four South Ashford roadside pull-ins covering tetrads TR03E and TR03D, had Nightingales singing beautifully.  Follow-on walks to mature woodland surrounded with swathes of Oil seed rape reveaed nothing (as expected). There are other areas of thick-scrub in hedgerows and wasteland still to visit that will, no doubt, have Nightingales singing.

Nightingales like thick road-side scrub along hedgerows and waste ground, and if you want to hear an easy Nightingale, pull-in at Ashford Town FC and listen from the approach road. Other birds were heard at Athens Farm on Bromley Green road by the footpath sign, also on Bromley Green Road play area (Carters field), and the road side pull-in to the foot path on Steads Lane. Another easy bird can be heard from the public footpath at Old Mumford Farm, Kingsnorth. This bird would be within audible range of the church. Due to weather and other commitments I'm under recording my tetrads so I'm sure more Nightingale territories are to come.

My Nightingale surveys so far -

22-4       TQ93T      8 Nightingale singing (1 bird singing from Pound wood given to G.H.)
29 - 4    TR03E        2 birds singing Kingsnorth, Ashford
29- 4     TRO3D       3 birds, Ashford

Despite the weather, Blackcaps and Whitethroat can now be heard turning-up the volume with the Nightingales. Sadly, just one Cuckoo calls from fields around Duck lane, Shadoxhurst - he's the one to  worry about more not the Nightingale.

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