Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring arrives at last

Today, the 1st of May was just about the perfect Spring day in the garden. For once, warmth and blue skies broke through the rainstorms to dominate the day. A new Cuckoo (one that could actually call properly) started the day off nicely. Other spring migrants are here in good numbers now. Blackcaps are singing and present on the garden edges, House Martins and Swallows can be seen hawking above, and in the pond a Grass snake spent the day stalking Newts. Even a Slow worm thought it balmy enough to sit on the compost heap and take in the sun.

For the historical record, I should add that yesterday, I 'spooked' a rare and handsome Ortolan Bunting with David at The Dungeness Bird Observatory. Not having the patience of David, I left him to re-find the bird and consequently show the many birders who were at Dungeness point yesterday. Well done David, and well done Martin aka the ploddingbirder for posting some memorable images.

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