Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Night-ride listening for Nightingales

A quick 'stop and listen' night time bike ride across TETRAD TQ93T,  revealed no new Nightingale territories to add to the birds from last week. The woodlands of Nickley Wood have no birds present, yet many long-time residents of the village will have living memories of close-by Nightingales singing through the night - but sadly those days have gone. Once I could hear Nightingales singing tonight, they were undoubtedly the birds present in the favored Stone Wood area.
Better news, another tetrad TQ93Z which borders the village, two Nightingales were singing today. Both birds are singing from damp woodland edges of Sallow and Blackthorn and from territories used for the past three years.

To round off the day nicely, a northward bound Whimbrel could be heard calling over the garden tonight. The one below was at Dungeness yesterday morning migrating along a preferred coastal route.

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