Thursday, 17 January 2013

An early year Sparrowhawk display

Into the sun  - a composite of 5 poor images of today's Sparrowhawk display.
At sunrise today, in brilliant sunshine high in the sky, a local female Sparrowhawk patrolled back and forth across the village making small stoops and climbs as she flew. When the bird lifted her wing high in display, it gave the appearance of a longer winged bird - more like a small Harrier.

Every spring I love to watch Sparrowhawks doing this, and its quite a bonus to see so early in the year.

I've photographed Spaarrowhawks' displaying before -

Further afield, seven Marsh Harriers into roost at Walland Marsh, a fly-over Peregrine and two Buzzards to enjoy last night. In the reed bed, Bearded Tits and Water Rail called but were not to be seen.

Last Harrier into roost on Walland Marsh

About to flush a flock of Teal, an evening's dash by a Peregrine

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