Monday, 15 April 2013

Hungry Blackcaps

Most Springs, migrant Blackcaps are busy foraging for insects in and amongst the Blackthorn Blossom at the back of the garden. They can be hard to see as they dissappear into clouds of white blossom, their presence revealed more by the males singing. But this year, it's different. For a start, there's no singing and the Blackthorn trees, the earliest of our common Hedgerow trees to blossom, has yet to flower.

As our cold 2013 spring commences, there must be many hungry migrants arriving, so as a test I decided to put some Apples in the hedge. Within an hour the first Blackcap had arrived. Two males and at least one female were present on the Apples till dusk, often squabbling with Blue Tits who are, equally, finding it hard to find enough insects to eat.

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