Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Siskins and the garden Finch fest

Siskin, nearly ready to depart North before the village Swallows arrive.             

The last week or so has seen a bumper number of Chaffinches (35), Greenfinches (10), House Sparrow (32), Yellowhammers (15) and Reed Buntings (3) in the garden.

We're now on our third sack of seed since Christmas, which is also quickly devoured by a group of 8 Pheasants, who have become quite tame and not flying away when I'm scattering seed.

The real stars of the last 2 weeks though, have been Siskins who seem to have invaded every village in Kent (and Lincolnshire). In our garden, they struggle to get on to the feeders and are soon forced aside by larger birds. However they're happy to feed on Sallow Catkins, and it's not unusual to see 20+ Siskins chattering and tweeting away in the trees. They are often in the company of smaller numbers of Redpolls which are also searching for seed in gardens at this time of the year. That was until yesterday, when the strong and wintery North easterly wind eased, allowing birds to continue their migration north.

Often in the company of Siskins, Redpolls have visited the garden Larch tree regularly in the last 2 weeks.

Jackdaw nest building in rare sunshine yesterday
Getting ever tamer, one of up to ten hen Pheasants
King of the garden - and survivor of the shooting season, one of 2 male Pheasants presently squabbling over our garden territory.

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