Monday, 11 January 2010

Fieldfare - closer garden images

In our present extreme winter conditions, I'm sure many people have a 'bully' Fieldfare dominating their snow covered garden and garden birds. Tolerating no other bird in our garden, the invading Fieldfare is unwilling to share food and territory to our smaller resident thrushes such as Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Robins and also other ransacking Fieldfares. Characteristically, our bird loudly scolds all other birds away, and steadfastly perches over our bird food offerings - in particular Apples!

Still I'm thrilled to have a Fieldfare taking up residence in our Shadoxhurst garden. They're a large and handsome thrush, dressed in a patchwork plumage of greys, buffs and browns. They have a lovely buff brow above the eye a spotted chest, a grey cap and rump and a pure white belly - just beautiful!

When I took these pictures, it was 3 'o' clock dark and overcast with sleet falling. Walking down the garden, to my hide (0ld shed), it was difficult to see if our Fieldfare was even present - not ideal photographic conditions. However, using a mono-pod underneath the camera, and sheltered and hidden in the hide, I managed to get these closer images of our Scandinavian friend. With no sunshine forecast this week, these maybe the best images I get of our temporary and boisterous visitor before the thaw in the countryside begins.

The view down the garden at the time of these pictures. The Fieldfares visit the Blackthorn down at the back

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Clare Gillatt said...

Absolutely stunning shots surely you could sell one of these to a greetings card company?