Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hibernating Red Lilly Beetles - (Not Cardinal beetles)

Post - update
Thanks to the eagle eyes of the Normanby nature blog, (my sis), the Shadoxhurst garden blog has reconsidered its view on this beetle and re classified it as the Red Lilly Beetle, apparently the No.1 garden enemy. Oh dear! In my defence, our specimens does seem to have a more rectangular profile than the Red lilly pics I've seen, but its the antenaee that appear to have a notched profile rather than a comb or toothed profile that confirms this is a Red lilly Beetle..(for now). Now back to the original post..

Since the cold spell over the Christmas period we've obviously had the central heating temperature raised-up to make life more comfortable for us, and it's not just us humans who've been feeling the benefit. Coinciding with this, we have been occasionally finding some dozy red Beetles strolling up and down curtains, book shelves and stairs. We've found half a dozen now and where exactly they're hibernating within (or under the house) we don't know!

Once found we place them under the bark of the Cedar tree in the garden in the hope they might return to hibernation for a few months more. From my knowledge, I don't recall seeing these during the summer months so its strange and rare to find them hibernating in the house.

We'd like to apologise to all Shadoxhurst gardeners for not destroying such a feared garden enemy. On the otherhand it is cold out there and I'm sure they've not survived.


Wilma said...

Your banner photo is beautiful.

Clare Gillatt said...

Are you sure they aren't Red Lilly Beetle - hide your lillies if they are!