Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fieldfare on Dog Rose

Heavy snow continues. The road's blocked the kids can't get to school - normal life has ground to a halt!
I've taken the opportunity to try and get some nice winter images of some of our scarcer winter visitors starting with the a Scandinavian visiting Fieldfare. We've placed sliced apples in the Blackthorn in the hope of bringing in a hungry flock, and if by magic, we now have one bird taking up temporary residence in the garden. Photographing from the old shed at the bottom of the garden, the bird is vary wary and hard to get close to. Whilst it prefers the Apple slices, it's also partial to the Rose Hips, which allows me to get a completely natural picture too. I would imagine it's going to be around for a while so perhaps there's better pictures to come.

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Clare Gillatt said...

Lovely photo - we have had 2 Redwings in the garden today - will try to get photos tomorrow