Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dung-loving Egrets

Two adult Little Egrets continue to stay in the field behind the garden, despite being so close to the breeding season. Incongruous a sight as it is, these birds are quite content searching amongst mud and horse dung for who knows what. Evidence they're finding enough to eat is, that for a large part of the day, the birds just sleep, looking more like plastic garden centre ornaments than believable exotic wild herons.

On the edge of the village a flock of 300+ Common Gulls and smaller numbers of Black Headed Gulls are present in the sheep fields. The flock looks big enough to contain a surprise rarer Gull, so I must try and take a more detailed look before they move on to breeding grounds in Europe and Northern England. Here just for the winter, it's not that common, the Common Gull.

In the garden, Siskins are finally calling in, strangely, not to the feeders, but to Sallow catkins. A Reed bunting is continuing to tag along with the local Yellowhammers and a Moorhen has joined along with our ten 'pet' Pheasants for a big seed feed. Despite the dreadful weather, Robins, Song Thrushes, Blackbirds and House Sparrows are nest building.

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