Monday, 18 March 2013

March - Egrets, Med Gulls, Siskins

Four of five Little Egrets in the paddock behind the garden this evening
March is such an exciting birdwatching month in the garden. Resident birds start to nest, winter passage migrant birds are on the move and calling in to stock-up and perhaps, if the weather warms up, we may have some spring visitors call in too.

Over the garden today, Mediterranean Gulls calling within the drifting Common Gull flock touring the village - sadly I didn't see them. Siskins seem to be calling everywhere and are finally on the feeders quickly finishing off our sunflower seed. Winter Stock Doves, Wood pigeons, Fieldfares, Yellowhammers and the occasional Reed bunting are still here every day. Song Thrushes are nest building and the day ended with Five Little Egrets in the field behind the garden. So everything but sunshine is here!

Song Thrushes are nest building and are quite approachable at the moment. This bird waits by the patio window in the morning for a handful of raisans.

Not an expert on aging the Song Thrush, this bird has quite a lot of variation in its plumage and has a warm tone throughout. Just in this light, it seemed to have a quite  distinct Chestnut-topped head - perhaps a second year bird?

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