Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The speck that is Comet Panstarrs

There's something quite satisfying about seeing a new Comet and tonight seeing Comet Panstarrs for the first time was no exception. Just about visible with the naked eye, and through binoculars and film the unmistakable glow from the tail, Comet Panstarrs could have been better, but perhaps that might happen in the nights to come. 

Our view tonight was all about being there at the right time, as bands of cloud passed across the sunset obscuring the view for much of tonight's twilight. Under the earthshine of the waxing moon, I stood quietly at the back of garden looking for the comet, and was briefly joined by a beautiful fox who checked out our old shed for mice that banquet the night away on  discarded bird seed.
Can you see it? Comet Panstarrs is visible low in the western sky (bottom right).
The waxing moon
Earthshine, reflecting back to Earth, the comet hidden by the cloud below.

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