Thursday, 19 March 2015

Crazy Horses


Middle March, is usually an exciting time for wildlife comings and goings as spring steps forward. So far the 'goings' are the more memorable with the departure of all our wintering Little Egrets. This year, in the muddy horse field behind the garden, their numbers peaked at 6-7 birds a day for a week and now the field looks sadly less interesting without them. The Egrets finally moved on, as the mud began drying-out and the earthworms which they eat burying deeper down out of reach. It's possible the birds are not far away, perhaps to a Kent breeding colony?

Their departure, has left the Pied Horses with just themselves for interest and today some of them were very boisterous chasing, kicking-out and biting each other.

Six Little Egrets photographed on March 1st - sure to back next winter.

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