Monday, 23 March 2015

Sparrowhawk spring display

After many hours of looking this spring, I've finally watched a Sparrowhawk (in this case a male), performing a display flight in the fine blue sky we had this afternoon. Circling high over the village, with white under tail covets fanned out and on show, I look forward to seeing if he finds a mate in the coming weeks.

Spring has been frustrating around the village and Orlestone forest so far. We have 19 Yellowhammers still visiting the garden for seed and they are joined by a small handful of Chaffinches and Greenfinches. In a 'good' March we would usually have Siskins, Brambling and Redpolls and many more Chaffinches visiting the feeders and garden, but alas, its not going to happen this year.
Some birds are notable by their absence, in particular, Nuthatches usually very vocal at this time of the year, are absent from the village environs and even in the woods of Orlestone forest. No doubt with a little more warmth and sunshine they will soon reappear.
Speaking of reappearances, despite my announcement that the Little Egrets had departed, there were still 2 birds present on Sunday in fields behind the garden.

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