Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lunch time raptors

All day sunshine today and windless air were perfect conditions for our local Buzzards to 'cruise' around their territories. Cycling from Shadoxhurst on a circular route through Cold Blow, Capel road and Bromley Green I saw 4 pairs on the wing in eight miles. Back in the garden, a pair of Kestrels have been showing well, and so too hunting Sparrowhawks, but sadly I've yet to see their dashing display flights so far this spring.

Behind the garden in the muddy field, there are still 2 Little Egrets mostly stood motionless, just a week ago there was a peak of seven. With the field drying and the earth worms retreating deeper into out of reach, the Little Egrets will not be around for much longer this spring. Still there's plenty of other birds, Fieldfares, Redwings and Meadow Pipits are are passing through in varying daily numbers and local Jackdaws are stealing horse hair presumably for lining their nests.

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