Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lesser spotted woodpecker and Bullfinch - spring records at last!

Common Buzzard flying over the garden heading towards Stone Wood this morning

An early morning Cycle ride from Shadoxhurst, with frequent stops at Duck Lane and through to Stone wood, at last brought a record of Lesser Spotted woodpecker calling from private land at the bottom of the lane. A pair of Bullfinches where present on the woodland fringe here too.

Great Spotted woodpeckers were very much in evidence with frequent drumming and squabbles between rival territorial birds, and there were at least 3 pairs seen on this route. Suprisingly, the only Nuthatches I've heard are the ones often in gardens along Hornash Lane. The farm buildings at the top of Duck lane had 2 Swallows and 2 Linnets sitting on wires. Blackcaps are much in evidence everywhere. There were singing Nightingales thinly spread across the woodland with the highest density within Stone Wood, where dense young woodland makes an inpenetratable barrier to access and even view. Willow warblers are present here to. No sign of Whitethroats yet, but there is a great chunk of spring still to come

On a charge, GS woodpecker about to see-off an intruder to it's territory.

Speaking to a land and pheasant shoot owner in the woods this morning, made me worry about the safety of our growing Buzzard population, with one bird seen overhead as I spoke. The owners had equal vitriol for some 4x4 off-roaders over-running their land (point agreed), and then Buzzards, whom they blamed for everything else. Hmmn, - good job I didn't mention foxes....


Picturit said...

Bullfinches in Yorkshire too along with Chiffchaffs, yellow hammers and Great spotted woodpeckers.

Clare Gillatt said...

Can you spare us a Lesser Spot - know sign in the Scunthorpe reporting area however good day at MSQ today have a look at my blog!