Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mystery fly is - Phasia hemiptera

Thank you to all that helped to identify the fly featured in my last post. Matt Smith at 'The Wild about Britain' forum, confirmed it as an unusually early record of a male Phasia hemiptera - a parasitic Tachnid Fly that uses Shield bugs as hosts for larvae. Once again, it shows what can be found in our gardens, and also that there is always something new there too.

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Picturit said...

Glad you found out what it was, I could not find it in my Collins UK insect book the nearest I could find was the painted wings. Never seen one of these before great that you got the chance to photograph it and share it with us bloggers. I just noticed that you live in Ashford. My mother was from there lived in Willborough until she married my Dad and moved to Northumberland. I still have and Aunt and Uncle in Ashford. Small world. Regards Kev