Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Song Thrushes are successfuly breeding

We've had two faithful Song thrushes spending a great deal of time in the garden this spring, and we saw an attempt nest building as early as February. The birds seemed to have been inseparable, so I was surprised to see both of them are now collecting earthworms from the lawn and then swiftly returning to a hidden nest in the Blackthorn hedge at the bottom of the garden. This is great news, that they have managed to get to the fledgling stage in a garden patrolled by the notorious nest raider, the Magpie.

Similarly, our garden Blackbirds are at the same breeding stage, again collecting worms for feeding chicks. I feared the worst for both birds this year as Magpies are also nesting in a tall Spruce just 40 feet above the Blackbirds nest. Fingers-crossed that the birds continue to successfully rear their broods.

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Picturit said...

Saw one of the biggest Song Thrushes I have ever seen today so you pics and post are very apt.