Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mystery fly on Spruce pine

Our large Norwegian Spruce has attracted my eye recently, as its developing a bumper crop of pine cones, and some are developing that beautiful crimson red I posted pictures of last year. This morning, before the sun had gained any real height and heat, sat on the end of low hanging cone was this rather docile fly sunning itself.

In size, it was about the same as a large house fly, but instantly I knew I was looking at something new to me. Its wings Bat-like, were exceptionally striking in shape and the fly had a memorable contrasting orange and black abdomen. I'm looking forward to finding out more. All help gratefully received!

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Picturit said...

Your photos are great excellent capture. I am not 100% certain but think this could be a type of Picture-Winged Fly of the family Tephritidae and may be female as the colouration of the banding on wings is usually bolder in males. There are several different types of picture winged flies but if you google it you may find one similar. Hope this is helpful Kev